When you visit gambling establishments on the Internet, you are unlikely to think about the people who ensure the smooth operation of the vast entertainment mechanism. Online casino authors are almost always behind the scenes. But this does not mean they just created the service, making money and doing nothing.

A team of professionals is almost always working to ensure you have an exceptionally positive experience and win even more money.

Since 2018, we have been improving the service that informs players about the best online casino offers. Every day we analyze many sites, collect data and help you make the right choice.

Core Values

Our online casino team adheres to rules and principles that unite true professionals to help people earn more. These are the central values of our company:

  • honesty with clients - we share only reliable information taken from public sources;
  • a high level of competence - all employees are specially selected and trained before they become online casino expert;
  • always coming up with something new. Sitting in place idly - it is not about us. We use modern technologies for a more efficient analysis of information. We introduce additional services which make the life of the service users easier.

We never compromise morality and ethics for the sake of financial gain. The most important value for us is the people who use our web service.

Our Team

If you want to know more about casino group specialists who have dedicated their lives to the business they love, you can get a closer look at the gurus of the gambling industry below:

Jerome Watkins

General Manager. As a kid, he loved stealing candy from his peers and watching famous bloggers on Youtube. Graduated cum laude from college with a degree in corporate finance. In his 27 years, he runs a large company and is raising two children;

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Casino Author Jerome Watkins
Casino Author Jessica Holt

Jessica Holt

Before she was 25, she did not know anything at all about online casino. And now she is rightfully considered one of the best managers. And it can be confirmed by thousands of grateful players. After school, she dreamed of becoming a chemist. She worked in a laboratory but then realized that she deserved better;

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Mitchell Fletcher

This proves that a person of any age can become an expert in the industry. He is now 50 and a senior manager. Despite his successful career in banking, Mitchell decided to try his hand at the gambling business - and he didn't miss out;

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Casino Author Mitchell Fletcher
Casino Author Melina O'Neil

Melina O'Neil

Her hobbies include photography, cooking exotic foods, and recording podcasts. At university, she was captain of the volleyball team. She likes to go for daily runs and walks with her dog Charlie. A very creative person, thanks to whom the online gambling community is successfully developing.

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Evan Barker

Works as a manager. Qualitative consulting for clients who love watching cooking shows on Youtube and repeatedly won first place in the Chicago Marathon. Studied finance in college but was unable to graduate due to personal problems. At 24 years old, he is a shining example of what a true team player should look like.

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Casino Author Evan Barker

We are not magicians from fairyland. We are just ordinary people who made mistakes, who rose and fell. 

Our Mission

We work by several principles and clearly understand the goals set. Each player wants to get online casino information to choose the best option with profitable bonuses, minimum deposits, and withdrawal fees.

Our mission is to get the status of the most relevant and in-demand catalog on the Internet. So that users can easily get answers to their questions, quickly find the necessary information, and not lose precious time on sites with a confusing interfaces. We pay special attention to the analysis of each game aspect:

  • the volatility of bets, RTP;
  • number of risk-free spins;
  • loyalty programs offered by different online casinos;
  • interface friendliness both in the browser on the computer and on mobile devices.

Also, we develop unique software that will help players to use filters to select gaming rooms by given criteria.


Below are the most common questions our subscribers and new users ask. If that's not enough, please contact us in any way that's convenient for you.

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Our team was one of the first to use modern technology, including artificial intelligence. This allows times faster collection and systematization of data on the site, so you always get only the latest information about the best online casinos.

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