If you want to do a quality job, do it yourself. That was the principle of our online casino author Mitchell Fletcher at the beginning of his career. He did not trust anyone, and for a good reason.

Repeatedly he had to deal with deception from the management, with cheeky colleagues who used the dirtiest methods for promotion.

When Mitchell became head of the sales department at a large retail chain in 2010, he adjusted the staff to his principles. And that's how he got the entire division to work effectively.

Then there were several challenging years when many people forgot about Mitchell Fletcher:

  • in 2015, he bought a sports car - it was his childhood dream. But soon, a severe accident happens due to driver inattention. His driving license is revoked for life, and a considerable fine is imposed;
  • six months later, after numerous unsuccessful attempts to find a new job, Mitchell leaves his hometown and hitchhikes to meet his fate;
  • in 2018, finds an ad online with an offer from a new company - he needed to create content for a website that helps people choose the best online casino.
Casino Author Mitchell Fletcher

That's how gambling author Mitchell Fletcher became a member of our team. There was no indication that such an experienced sales professional would start working with us. But after a month of internship and training, he showed an incredible interest in the specifics of the gambling industry and declared his readiness to develop in this direction.

Now he is 50 years old, but he works very efficiently, solving dozens of daily tasks. At the same time, he has time to give instructions to his subordinates and correct their work. And he does this with ease and ease, with a positive attitude.

Mitchell Fletcher gambling expert 2023, moved to the next level and is now a senior manager. But no one doubts that his career advancement will not stop there.