He was born in the capital of Colombia. His mother raised him since his father left them when the boy was only two years old. There will be more information about Evan Barker below. If you are interested, you can continue reading, and for more information about any of our staff, ask questions in the online chat.

To earn money and provide her son with a better future, Evan's mother works at the hospital as a doctor's assistant, and in the evenings, she washes dishes at several small cafes. The boy became independent early on, learning to cook and clean the house.

When he turned 10, his relatives gave him a modern smartphone for his birthday. Our future online casino author Evan Barker became fond of watching various videos on Youtube, but most of all, he was interested in such topics:

  • tricks involving the guessing and disappearance of playing cards and other objects;
  • entertaining videos about how to win a million dollars in a casino with a minimum bet;
  • success stories of wealthy people.
Casino Author Evan Barker

The boy dreamed of a bright future and set himself specific goals - to go to Columbia College, learn a financial professional, and get a job at an insurance company or a brokerage firm. Gambling author Evan Barker had no idea at the time that his youthful hobbies would lay the groundwork for his future career.

In 2017, he moved to Chicago, started playing sports, and participated in the world-famous marathon. He monitors his physical fitness and gives up all bad habits. But working in the financial sector does not bring him the desired earnings and pleasure.

When Evan Barker gambling expert, joined our team, we doubted that such a young and promising guy would stay with us for long. After all, his generation is fickle and moody. That's how they are, millennials.

However, we were wrong about him. Evan was a very diligent worker who did all the work he was asked to do.