Everyone wants to become a better person, achieve all their goals, and live in wealth and affluence. And if you don't have wealthy relatives, you have to work hard for career advancement.

Jessica Holt gambling expert, has had a difficult journey from a chemistry student to a manager in our company. She dreamed of working for a large household goods corporation. We will not mention the name for ethical reasons.

But after enrolling in university, the girl realized that science, while interesting, was not exactly what she wanted in life. She wanted more creative work connected with different people and emotions.

Here are some interesting facts about Jessica Holt before she joined our team:

  • in 2014 she dropped out of school and enrolled in acting classes to gain new experience and try her hand at acting;
  • six months later, she received several offers from advertising agencies and starred in a commercial for chips;
Casino Author Jessica Holt
  • in 2016, she broke up with her lover, who left her to move to another country. This was a blow to Jessica. She lost interest in work;
  • after two years, she accidentally met one of our managers and got a position as a junior analyst after a short training.

Currently, gambling author Jessica Holt manages several staff members, edits content, and publishes current rankings on the site. She is a valuable resource who responsibly does all the work assigned to her. She never says, "I don't know" or "I don't know how," and always finds a way out of difficult situations.

Almost every day, she needs to review 10-15 sites, reread many texts, analyze the figures, and create reports. And based on the online casino author Jessica Holt creates content for the users of our web resource. It is complex but vital work, which brings us all pleasure and allows you to choose a casino with the best bets, optimal conditions, and fair payouts.