Becoming an online casino expert is not an easy task. It is a job that you have to love and dedicate most of your life to. That is precisely the kind of person our gambling author Jerome Watkins is.

He will be 27 years old in 2023. Many people his age are in low- or mid-level positions. But this guy has shown perseverance and dreamed of a better life since childhood, which led him to his current result.

Jerome grew up in a not-very-prosperous neighborhood in New York City. But he was lucky to have parents who paid much attention to their son, showing tolerance during his teenage antics. Here are some important dates from his biography:

  • in 2012, he went to California College to major in Corporate Finance. His parents wanted him to work on Wall Street and make a lot of money;
  • has been in a relationship with a classmate named Annabelle Jeanette Cunningham since 2017. This girl changed many views of Jerome Watkins gambling expert;
About Jerome Watkins
  • in 2020, he tried to invest considerable money in purchasing shares in a large company. This idea proves to be a failure, and the future manager has to work at his uncle's carwash for a while;
  • in 2021, he began to study the gambling business on the Internet. The topic seems very attractive and profitable to him. He gathers a team of like-minded people and begins creating his project.

After a couple of years, online casino author Jerome Watkins is one of the top 10 most promising leading managers in the gaming industry. And it's not just his merit. In interviews, he often thanks his team, without whom he would have been unlikely to succeed.

Who would have thought that a boy, taking candy from kids on the streets, would grow into a true leader and professional. This is a clear example that you can achieve any goal if you strive hard for it and do what you enjoy.

You have seen the details about Jerome Watkins. If you want to know more, feel free to ask questions in our online chat or community.