Her parents didn't deny their daughter anything. I gave her the best education and bought the best quality clothes and gadgets. Many peers were jealous when they heard about Melina O'neal.

But in 2008, a global financial crisis hit the world. Incomes plummeted, and bank savings depreciated. The family moves to Chicago, where Melina's father is offered a new job.

There, the girl enrolls at the local university and devotes much time to sports training. Soon becomes captain of the volleyball team and wins the regional cup several years in a row. In addition, she has several exciting hobbies:

  • future gambling author Melina O'neal gets into photography - taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises in the most unusual places in town;
  • she has an account on a popular online platform and publishes audio podcasts about self-improvement daily;
  • in his free time, he also cooks exotic dishes for different world people.
Casino Author Melina O'Neil

All of this pleases her, but there is no indication that she can make money. In 2014, she had to work in a casino outside the city. She works 15 days a month, practically living on the job. During this time, she gets very good at getting into the gambling business.

Melina O'neal is a gambling expert of the highest caliber - she proves this during her first interview with our company. Our lead manager met her in the same casino and left her business card. She called and came to a meeting with the management. She amazed everyone with her knowledge.

At the moment, online casino author Melina O'neal is not only engaged in creating quality content for the readers of the site and subscribers to pages in social networks. Additionally, she trains new personnel, conducts testing, and selects the best.

We are 100% confident in Melina's professionalism.